The Arboair Solution

It has never been easier to increase both profitability and biodiversity in your forest using AI.

Arboair aims to become an international player that creates the conditions for sustainable forestry on a global level, thereby enabling a transition to precision forestry for future generations. This is done by combining technological innovation with existing forestry processes.

Our Solution

Our solution is the Arboair service, which with the help of a 4K camera and an NIR camera connected to a drone can detect infected or stressed trees.


Today’s technology versus Airboair’s future technology – working from today

Today, the technology for identifying bark beetle attacks in the forest is largely based on manual work through visual checks of forest areas, where early attacks are almost impossible to see, while old attacks are easier to detect. Attempts have been made to identify damage attacks using satellite radar maps which give good indication and can be seen as a complementing part to our precision analysis.

Our Offer

Our offer is analysis of collected images through our software where you only pay per analyzed hectare. We would like to get in touch with you who are forest owners, work as forest managers and forest inspectors. Hopefully, our solution can serve as a tool that facilitates your everyday life and gives you even more valuable information that you can use in your work.

The vision of our environmental technology innovation is that by just pressing a button “Scan my forest”, with the help of a drone and AI based algorithms, we can get a result on the forest’s condition, with a follow-up history.

Our solution is based on image collection using autonomous drones coupled with a trained algorithm for precision analysis.

The images that are sent into the system can be within the visual light spectrum, but also using a multispectral camera to identify damage attacks already two weeks before a person can visually see the attack. Which creates the conditions for stopping the spread of bark beetle attacks at a very early stage, long before they spread to surrounding trees, or neighboring forests. The technology around AI-based services is well proven in agriculture, but the application to this area is entirely new where some research attempts have been made in 2019 with good results. 


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